De Rebus Gladiatoriis English edition – 2015
De rebus gladiatoriis was produced following 10 years’ critical analysis of ancient sources and thanks to experimental archaeology activities by athletes from the Istituto Ars Dimicandi. The book has more than 330 images, including archaeological findings and photos of duelling in action, 670 Greek and Latin footnotes (with relative translation) and 22 chapters, subdivided into three sections: a general history of gladiator combat, gladiatorial categories and compositions and weapons and equipment. The fourth section is dedicated to important subjects such as hand gestures in the amphitheatre and gladiator combat in the Roman army. The book is completed by a series of technical drawings by Claudio Casti, Maria Marini and Daria Montanari, designed to illustrate the weaponry, reconstructed by the authors.

€ 60.00

Historical novels

Piemme Mondadori

Gordon Russell are Dario Battaglia and Vanna De Angelis. The two authors bring to life the saga of Valerio, who from a simple medicus and quiet man becomes a gladiator!