Gladiators are back to the Colosseum

Ministry of Culture, Colosseum Archaeological Park, Rome
Sunday, October 8, 2023, in the area where the travertine blocks of the original Roman pavement that separated the perimeter of the Colosseum from the paved road in flint, where the limit is marked by five memorial stones that still allow us to perceive the extension of the boundaries of the largest show building of antiquity, between the Amphitheater and its main gym (the Ludus Magnus), a historic moment has been celebrated for the city: families, citizens, tourists attended a free event that revived the ancient gladiatura.

To lead two hours of show is the President of Ars Dimicandi, Dario Battaglia, who coordinated over 50 gladiators and reenactors and described with emphasis and historical punctuality what really happened in the Colosseum, who the gladiators were and what People expected from to them.
Prolusions with blunt weapons and duels munearari “sub iudicium” with stinging weapons, inflamed the bystanders, delighted by a careful description of ancient and epigraphic sources, as well as archaeological ones (mosaics, reliefs, paintings) that are still today the reference cognitive context.
Making a show at the Colosseum, for the Colosseum…” says Dario Battaglia “…is an unexpected achievement. 30 years after the foundation of Ars Dimicandi, I never imagined I could get to the navel of the gladiatorial world. The merit is undoubtedly of Dr.ssa Federica Rinaldi, whose tenacity and competence allowed the realization of an event of the highest divulgative quality.”

Introduced the event Onorevole Mollicone, advocate of the new law on historical re-enactment, and the director of the Archaeological Park Dr.ssa Alfonsina Russo.

Special thanks to Sergio Iacomoni, President of the Gruppo Storico Romano (GSR) and Andrea Buccolini, for the collaboration of their re-enactors and for the extraordinary hospitality at their headquarters. Something that will certainly be returned shortly. In fact there are already many new collaborations, both with the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum and with the GSR, with which they are planning new events in Rome and the rest of Italy.